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Episode summary: We talk to the historians Robert Tombs and Robert Saunders about the history of England and the future of the Union. Is the size and complexity of England the real problem in holding the UK together? What can England’s past teach us about the present state of British politics? Does England have a ‘Northern Question’ to go with its ‘Scottish Question’ and ‘Irish Question’? This is the final episode in our series about the constituent parts of the UK. Find the others - on Scotland, NI, Wales - at https://www.talkingpoliticspodcast.com/ Talking Points: Is the island of Britain a natural seat of government? - England is not an island; and the English are not an island people. - The Norman conquest attached England to the continent; leaving Scotland outside. - As a maritime power, it was useful for England to move its borders to the sea. - The strategic arguments for the existence of the UK are perhaps weaker in an era of more diffuse and global security threats and frameworks. Most people probably don’t know…

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