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Episode summary: David and Helen look at what’s changed - and what hasn’t - since we last spoke, from Brexit to Biden to Covid. Has the Brexit deal really given the UK a chance to do things differently? Do Democrat wins in the Georgia Senate races open up new possibilities for Biden? What is at stake in the politics of vaccination? Plus, we talk about where things now stand for the future of the Union. Recorded before the events in Washington on Wednesday Talking Points: What can the UK do that it couldn’t do before Brexit? - From the start, the two biggest issues for Cameron were freedom of movement and financial services regulation. - For the City, Brexit is a tradeoff. Although financial services will not be regulated in the EU, the American investment banks in London are unhappy about being shut out of equivalence for trading. - Johnson is talking about innovation and dynamism. He doesn’t seem willing to say it’s about migration and the City of London. Northern Ireland and Scotland will both be key questions that we…

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