Episode summary: Michael Sandel teaches political philosophy at Harvard University. Known to BBC listeners as ‘The Public Philosopher’, Sandel’s books include Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? and What Money Can’t Buy, which have been translated into twenty-eight languages and sold over two million copies worldwide. He has been a visiting professor at the Sorbonne; delivered the BBC Reith Lectures, and his speaking tours have spanned five continents. The Tyranny of Merit arrives at a hinge point in social and political history. As the pandemic exposes entrenched inequality and the true value of essential work, Michael challenges corrosive attitudes to success and failure and makes the case for an ethic of humility. Above all, he asks how we value our fellow human beings, so that no one is left behind. Polly Toynbee is a columnist for the Guardian. She was formerly BBC social affairs editor, columnist and associate editor of the Independent, co-editor of the Washington Monthly and a reporter and feature writer for the…

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