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Episode summary: A former Ackerman employee explains how expenses were hidden. Leaked audio of Wayne LaPierre lets people know the real damage under his watch. Where will the NRA go from here?

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My script was a little flaky in picking up all episodes of this podcast series, but I just wanted to add here that it was a cracking story, very well told. Sure, it was a tad overwrought at times, but I’m amazed it wasn’t more so. The putrefaction at the head of the NRA is astonishing, and to hear it brought to light like this was revelatory. That they kept almost entirely away from the question of gun control is even more laudable. Massively important piece of recording, although the crucial question, as the episode summary makes clear, is “where will the NRA go from here?”.

I have no idea, and will wait for the Attorney General of New York’s findings with interest, but with luck I hope the members will rise up and flush clean their organisation.

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