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Episode summary: Having lost his way, George encounters a mysterious figure who offers to help him, but on one condition. Chaos ensues as the poet ends up travelling 10 years into the future. Written by George The Poet Produced by Benbrick & George The Poet Original music by Benbrick Featured songs: High For This by The Weeknd, Both by Headie One, Gigantalous by SL Featured guests: Jamala as Samira the Oracle, Julie Adenuga as Dija, Sir Martyn Lewis as the Newsreader, J Man as Genna, GK as Spinner, George’s Mum, Diggy, Natalie, Zizi, Vidhu, Cristale, Young Talented Individuals, Lola, Damini Thank you to Matthew Walker and Penguin for allowing us to use elements from the book Why We Sleep Have You Heard George’s Podcast? is a George the Poet production for BBC Sounds Commissioning Executive for BBC: Dylan Haskins Commissioning Editor for BBC: Jason Phipps

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