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Lockdown has boosted my motivation to do some organised exercise, and as a mark of progress, I have a new frustration. I started off doing the 7-minute High Intensity thing a few months back (having lapsed on the Canadian 5BX a few months before that). I liked it, and I like the app I settled on from Johnson & Johnson. It worked well for me but today, having been doing a 7-minute circuit almost daily for a little more than two weeks, I ran into a niggle.

Time to up my effort, I thought. The app offers lots of variety, but there are exercises in the 8- and 9-minute circuits that I just cannot do.1 So, harking back to the previous epoch when I did circuits daily, I thought, best to just do two circuits. Weirdly, however, the app doesn’t offer two cycles, only three. OK, so I set off on three cycles, figuring that I would just stop after two, which I did, only to discover that neither of those two were recorded. If you give up, even if you had planned to give up, you get nul points.

OK, I’m am old geezer now, I shouldn’t need the additional reward of an automated record in my Health app, but hey, it’s all part of motivation and progress. What to do? I could just stop after two and know that the automated record is wilfully wrong. I could contruct my own two-cycle customised workout, but that’s a lot of faff. I could just do two separate cycles one after the other (which is probably what I will do). Or I could wonder out loud why the Johnnson & Johnson 7M Workout app does not have a two-cycle workout.

  1. Spiderman pushups, I’m looking at you. 

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