Puzzled by an advert in yesterday’s Repubblica, but without time to check it, was very pleased to have Jess point me to this wire story. Italy’s top chef teaming up with McDonalds - ANSA English.

The “Vivace” (vivacious) is a burger topped with bacon, salted spinach, marinated onions and mayonaise with mustard seeds.

The “Adagio” (slowly, like the musical term) is also a hamburger, topped with sweet-and-sour eggplant strips, sliced tomatoes and salted ricotta, all between a bun covered in sliced almonds.

Both sandwiches go for 4.70 euros.

They’re only available for three weeks. The dilemma: break the habit of a lifetime in order to explore new frontiers in eating, or dismiss it as entirely silly without tasting?


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