Some Words to Live By

Producing something that’s enjoyed by the people you admire and respect is the greatest reward a writer can imagine.

He’s not the first to say it, and he won’t be the last, but for now Merlin Mann has the conch.

And then there’s this:

Learning about the goals and values of Slow Foods and Gambero Rosso helps to explain why this is their Wine Of The Year. It represents their apotheosis of the Little Guy as morally superior to the Man.

Well, yes and no. What I want to know is, why hide your agenda? What purpose does it serve? I’m reminded of the conversation between two fellow-traveller scriptwriters in the McCarthy era.

F-T S1: We have to insert a scene that conveys how the Little Guy is morally superior to The Man.

F-T S2: But that could get us black-listed!

F-T S1: Don’t worry, we’ll hide the message so well, no one will understand it.

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